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Your salary would obviously depend on your skills and if you think that you have the skills to get the maximum salary, then you would need to negotiate with the HR department. Here are some useful tips for salary negotiation: Come prepared Before going to the company for an interview, it would be helpful if you can do some market research and have an idea as what other companies are o... More

In this busy world, workplace romance has become a common fact of life. As people tend to spend more time at workplace it is also obvious to meet someone who shares the same interest areas. But beware! It does not come without hassle. It can affect your position at office and have a negative impact on your career. But handling the issue with right management can definitely help in smooth c... More

Positive work relationships with colleagues are important for developing a successful career. In order to develop positive work relationship, you need to make some effort in order to know your colleagues and respect them and also communicate with them openly. It is good for the organization as well as it is said that when employees have a good relationship amongst themselves, the productiv... More

Job references are asked for when you are hunting for jobs. Most people pass on their references without giving them much of a though.   However, job references can be really helpful and you can use them for your advantage.   Here are the things that you ought to know about job references: Formal list of reference always do not matter If you think that your e... More

The word contract makes you think of something related to legal issue  and generally you feel there is no need of such legal relationship between two people or more. A verbal understanding is sufficient to continue any business or partnership or even when you join your professional career. But this is completely a false notion. A contract is must to keep the things clear between you a... More

Resolutions are made to be broken like promises: but still this popular saying never discourages us to take resolutions.  There is really no need to wait for New Year to take up resolutions. Any day is a fine day to start with. It really does not matter what is your current status at your work place as you always have new challenges to take up and new targets to achieve. To fulfi... More

Searching for the right job can be a tedious and time consuming.   Many a times, a great deal of effort also does not give the required results.   Hence, we have come up with some useful tops for people searching for job so that they get the desired results in a very short period of time: Do the right preparations It is helpful if you could create a separate ... More

Career networking is all about making connections and using those connections for acquiring information and referrals for growing up the career ladder. After all if you have been an employer, you would prefer to hire someone who has been referred by someone. So, when you go for an interview, it always helps when go with referrals. Career networking is the time tested way of advancing in your ca... More

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